Get ready, suit up, and bring justice to Liberty!

Welcome to the Liberty City Police Department First Response Headquarters (LCPD:FR:HQ), the web-based CAD/MDT/MDC application where you can document incidents, complete reports, and hang-out with friends. Since the release of the most popular GTA IV modification available today, the Liberty City Police Department: First Response (LCPD:FR) modification.

The objective of this site is to bring the GTA community a place to further their role-playing experience in an immersive web-based application. LCPD:FR-HQ offers one of the most realistic and functioning role-playing tools available absolutely free.

...Still not convinced why to use this CAD, MDT, and MDC system?

First off, begin your career here at Headquarters, track your career and have the ability to change from departments, climb the ranks, or be who or whatever you want to be. Our community can choose from over 50 of Liberty City's finest departments, State, and Federal agencies.

LCPD:FR-HQ has created the Liberty City Motor Vehicle Agency that has over 40,000 unique entries, person information, drivers licenses, driving status, warrants, points, and more. The records managements system allows our role-playing user to log reports such as booking/arrest reports and investigations. The MDT/MDC system gives our users the ability to complete a criminal history check, drivers license inquiry, street index, and more.




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Our community is overwhelming SHOCKED about the realistic, easy to use, and quick user interface that the LCPD:FR-HQ CAD, MDT, MDC system has to offer. If you are READY, we encourage you to sign-up now because it only takes a few minutes but the game play will last a life-time!

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